How To Wash Shark Steam Pads

By: Mrs. Mathis

Cleaning Steam Shark pads are a natural part of owning and using the machine. Knowing how to wash shark floor cleaner pads will allow you get the maximum use and pleasure from your cleaner. Washing a Shark Steam pad is both easy and an efficient use of your time and money, especially once you know how to wash Shark Steam pads the easy way. Read on to learn how to wash shark pad.

How To Wash Shark Floor Cleaner Pads

Begin cleaning Steam Shark pads by removing them from the mop head according to the mop’s directions. Plan on washing a Shark Steam pad in a washing machine with regular liquid detergent on the gentle cycle.

Do not use powdered detergent when washing a Shark Steam pad. The powdered detergent may get caught in the microfibers of the Steam Shark pads and make them less effective in cleaning later on.

Also, do not use any bleach or any products containing bleach. Bleach can break down the microfibers in the Steam Shark pad, which will make the pads unable to work correctly.

Cleaning Steam Shark pads in a pillow case will keep it from getting linty. The microfibers that are so good at grabbing onto dirt on your floor will also grab onto lint in your washing machine if they are not placed in a pillowcase.

Cleaning Steam Shark Pads in a Washer and Dryer

After washing a Shark Steam pad, you can hang it up to air dry for at least 24 hours or you can put it in the dryer on low heat. After the Steam Shark pad is dry, you can then reattach it to the mop head.

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