Tips For Cleaning Waxed Wood Floors

By: Mrs. Mathis

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If you’ve ever wondered how to clean waxed wood floors, you are not alone. In fact, cleaning waxed wood floors can be one of the most intimidating aspects of home maintenance. Sadly, some people even deny themselves the beauty and pleasure of owning this elegant flooring because they are afraid it takes too much care.

However, it does not have to be that way. You too can experience the pleasure of classically beautiful floors. Caring for waxed wood floors can be quite simple as long as you use the right cleaners and follow a few simple directions. Besides, the payoff for your efforts in waxed wood floor cleaning is huge, since clean waxed wood floors add a touch of style and grace to any room.

Caring For Waxed Wood Floors on a Daily Basis

The first line of defense for caring for waxed wood floors consists of daily maintenance. You should clean waxed wood floors everyday by sweeping them with a soft bristled broom that can trap all the dirt and grime that might damage the waxed surface.

You can also clean waxed wood floors with a dust mop if you are not as concerned about sand or dirt as you are about dust.

You can even vacuum the floor. However, when cleaning waxed wood floors with a vacuum cleaner, be sure that there is nothing on the bottom of the vacuum that might scratch or otherwise damage the floor.

How To Clean Waxed Wood Floors By Mopping

The key to cleaning waxed wood floors by mopping is to use as little water as possible. Just as oil and water don’t mix, so are floor wax and water mortal enemies. Thus, your mop should be barely damp, in fact almost dry. Any excess water left on the floor can sink into the surface and mar the wax. Use only slightly warm water with no detergents or chemicals added.

Then, for a really beautiful finish, finish cleaning waxed wood floors by drying and polishing them with a lint free towel. Sure, it’s extra work. But clean waxed wood floors are like mirrors. They reflect the smiles of all who admire them.

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