Cleaning Pergo Flooring – Tips For How To Clean Pergo Floors

By: Mrs. Mathis

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The new technology available in floor coverings today has many people wondering how to clean Pergo flooring. Fortunately, you need not trust the care of a Pergo floor to professionals. Cleaning Pergo floors is in fact not much different than cleaning regular floors. And clean Pergo floors add such beauty to your home that you will soon find yourself looking forward to cleaning your Pergo flooring on a regular basis.

Daily Care Of A Pergo Floor

The most important part of the daily care of a Pergo floor lies in keeping it as free as possible of dirt and grime that can wear down its shiny surface. You should, therefore, clean Pergo floors as least once a day by sweeping or dust mopping.

You can also clean Pergo floors with a vacuum cleaner if that works better for you. When cleaning Pergo flooring, make sure that you get in all the often missed corners that harbor dust and dirt. If you are vacuuming, you can use a corner nozzle for this.

How To Clean Pergo Flooring

To find the best solution for cleaning Pergo floors, look no further than your liquor cabinet. You remember that cheap vodka that you got as a gift from someone who you suspect may not even like you? Sure, it may not be fit for drinking, but it’s great for taking care of a Pergo floor.

After sweeping, barely wet your mop with a little vodka, straight from the bottle. Then mop quickly over any area that need it. When cleaning Pergo flooring, remember that less is more so do not mop anywhere that is not visibly dirty. The high content of alcohol in the vodka sanitizes the floor and then evaporates quickly before any has a chance to seep in. It is also safe for pets and crawling children.

Now, Look at Your Clean Pergo Floors

Aren’t they pretty? Just remember to sweep them regularly and mop them only as needed. It is amazing how the most basic care of a Pergo floor can yield such beautiful results.

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