Cleaning Flat Paint Walls – How Wash Flat Paint On Walls

By: Mrs. Mathis

For the record, I consider cleaning flat paint walls one of the worst jobs of housekeeping. Cleaning flat paint is such a chore because there is no shiny coat over the paint to keep the dirt from sinking in. In my opinion, the best way to clean dirt off of walls that have flat paint is to paint over them with semi or high gloss. That said, I realize that you came here to learn how to clean walls with flat paint, not to hear me complain. So, without further ado, I will now tell you how to wash flat paint on walls, if that is what you really want to do.

How To Clean Walls With Flat Paint: Cleaning Flat Paint to Remove Fingerprints and Light Smudges

The best way to clean dirt off of walls that have flat paint (other than what I mentioned above) is a little at a time. Make cleaning flat paint on doors, doorways and around outlets part of your daily or at least weekly routine. Cleaning flat paint walls with a little general cleaning spray and a paper towel is much easier than washing the entire surface. Just remember before cleaning flat paint in an obvious area to try out your cleaner somewhere where it won’t show to make sure it won’t damage the paint.

How To Clean Wall With Flat Paint: How To Wash Flat Paint on Walls

When cleaning flat paint walls that are covered with dirt, nicotine, smoke, etc. start with two buckets, one filled with soapy water and the other filled with clean. Begin cleaning flat paint walls at the top with a heavy cloth soaked but not dripping with the soapy water. When cleaning flat paint, it is better not to scrub as that can actually damage the walls. Instead, wipe the wall with the soapy rag and then rinse with one dipped in clean water. Then use a third towel to dry the walls completely. Continue doing this as you work your way around the room and cleaning flat paint walls won’t be such a chore.

If at the end of this experience you find yourself agreeing with me that the best way to clean dirt off of walls that have flat paint is to paint over them, don’t worry. I won’t say I told you so.

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