Cleaning Wood Blinds – The Best Way To Clean Wood Blinds

By: Mrs. Mathis

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This article will give you information on the best way to clean wooden blinds. You will also learn about the dangers of cleaning wood blinds with water. You will also learn what to clean wooden blinds with instead of water. Finally, I will give you some wooden blind cleaning tips and tell you in detail the best way to clean wood blinds.

First, you should know that the best way to clean wood blinds is on a regular basis. Instead of cleaning wood blinds when they are really dirty, learn how to clean wood blinds often enough that it is never a big job. You should also learn what to clean wooden blinds with and some basic wooden blind cleaning tips.

How To Clean Wood Blinds the Easy Way

Just follow these steps to the best way to clean wood blinds that you’ll ever find.

1. Before cleaning wood blinds, or anything else, check out the label. Are there any instructions or warnings about cleaning wood blinds? If so, follow them, no matter what I say.

2. Once a month, close your blinds and wipe them down with a dry cloth or a feather duster.

3. Open and close them again so that the reverse side is toward you. Then repeat step 2.

4. Open the blinds normally and enjoy.

Wooden Blind Cleaning Tips

Never wash wooden blinds, no matter how dirty they get.

Wondering what to clean wooden blinds with? Well, as I said above, regularly cleaning wooden blinds with a feather duster or vacuum should keep them clean. However, if you feel your blinds need some extra attention, you must be very careful in discerning what to clean wooden blinds with.

First, avoid any solution that has to be rinsed off. Instead, try cleaning wooden blinds by wiping each slat with a slightly damp cloth.

So, let’s review:

How To Clean Wood Blinds: Regularly, by dusting or vacuuming.

Cleaning Wood Blinds With Water: NO!!! A very bad idea

Wooden Blind Cleaning Tips: Keep them clean regularly.

What To Clean Wooden Blinds With: A duster, vacuum or barely damp cloth.

The Best Way To Clean Wood Blinds: As described above.

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