Cleaning A Steam Iron – How To Clean A Clothes Iron

By Mrs. Mathis

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Anyone who does any amount of ironing in their home will, from time to time, have to clean a steam iron.  Fortunately, cleaning a steam iron is not that difficult.   There are a number of cleaning tips for steam irons on the web.  However, cleaning an iron ultimately boils down to a few simple steps.  Read on now to learn how to clean a clothes iron the fast and easy way.

How To Clean A Clothes Iron From The Inside Out

Before following these cleaning tips for steam irons, carefully read the instructions that came with your iron.  If anything you read here about cleaning an iron disagrees with those instructions, the original instructions should be followed.  If you have no instructions, understand that you are taking a certain chance following these instructions to clean a steam iron.

Start by mixing up one half cup white vinegar with one half cup of water.  Carefully pour this mixture into your steam iron and turn the iron on steam heat.  Let it sit somewhere where you can watch it and where it will not burn anyone.   Let the iron steam for a few minutes, and then turn the iron off.  While it cools, run it over a piece of wax paper a few times to loosen any grime on the outside.  Follow up by “ironing” a clean towel until there is no more transfer.

When the iron has cooled, you can complete cleaning a steam iron by rubbing the base of it with a light scouring pad.  Wipe it again with the towel you used before and you should be finished.  Dump out any remaining vinegar water and rinse the reservoir until no vinegar odor remains.

To avoid having to clean a steam iron in the future, use only distilled water in the reservoir.  Also, make sure that your iron never comes in contact with anything plastic or sticky.

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