Best Way To Clean Wood Laminate Flooring

By: Mrs. Mathis

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With their current popularity, it is no wonder that many people are wondering how to clean laminate wood floors. After all, cleaning wood laminate floors is new territory for most of us. While many retailers sell laminate wood floor cleaners, we wonder if it is really necessary to introduce a new form of chemical into our homes. The good news is that the best way to clean wood laminate flooring is also the most natural way. Keep reading to learn more about how to clean laminate wood floors

Cleaning Wood Laminate Floors

The first step to clean a laminate wood floor is to sweep it thoroughly. You should do this at least once a day if you have pets or crawling children. If you tend to have more dust or hair than sand and dirt, you can clean a laminate wood floor with a dust mop.

Periodically you will need wash the floor. The best laminate wood floor cleaner I have ever heard of is cheap vodka. It is odorless, completely natural and evaporates quickly. To use vodka for cleaning wood laminate floors, pour it into a spray bottle with a fine misting sprayer. Then mist it lightly all over your floor, wiping quickly with a barely damp sponge mop as you go along. Be careful to use as little liquid as possible as liquids are a laminate floor’s worst enemy.

How To Clean A Laminate Wood Floor That Is Very Dirty

Serious problems, such as dried-on gum or paint, force you to work a little harder to clean a laminate wood floor. Start by scraping as much of the gunk off as possible, being careful not to scratch the floor. Apply just enough product to remove what was left, wiping carefully as you go along so that it does not remain on the floor too long. Buff the floor dry and you have a clean laminate wood floor.

Hopefully you will find this advice helpful as you clean your laminate wood floors. After all, just because it is under our feet does not mean it should be off our minds.

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