Butter Stain Removal Tips: How To Remove Butter Stain From Clothing

By: Mrs. Mathis

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So, you’ve just returned from a romantic lobster dinner and are now wondering how to remove butter stains from clothing. I won’t lie to you. Removing butter stains can be a bear of a job. However, I do have a few butter stain removal tips that can help you get butter stain out of your clothes. Please continue to read to find out how to clean a butter stain off almost any fabric.

On The Go Butter Stain Removal Tips

Butter is a solid form of an oil. As you know, oil and water don’t mix, so you cannot get a butter stain out by dabbing it with water at the restaurant.

You might be able to get butter stain out of your blouse by dabbing it with translucent face powder and brushing the power away.

You can also minimize a butter stain by dabbing it firmly with a clean paper napkin or towel held on both sides of the fabric.

How To Remove Butter Stain From Clothing That Can Be Machine Washed

The easiest way to get butter stain out of clothing is to pre-treat the item with any number of laundry sticks and wash as usual. Check the item before drying it and if the stain remains, rub it well with a little Dawn dish washing detergent and run it through the wash again.

How To Get Butter Stains Out Of Cotton

While the methods mentioned above should get butter stains out of cotton, you may want to try the technique below, since cotton is such an absorbent fabric.

Removing Butter Stains From Dry Clean Only Items

To get butter stain out of an item you can’t wash, sprinkle it well with baby powder or cornstarch and then rub the stain away with a clean, dry towel in roughly the same color as the item.

How To Clean A Butter Stain Off Of Upholstery

First, try the baby powder method just mentioned. If that doesn’t work, you can resort to dry cleaning fluid. Just remember to follow the directions carefully and keep the cleaner away from open flames.

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