Getting Crayons Out Of Clothes – How To Remove Melted Crayons From Clothing

By: Mrs. Mathis

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Is there any mom alive who has not at some time wondered how to get crayon out of clothes that your child wore to school and got careless with. Fortunately, these types of crayon stains on clothes come out pretty easily.

Or maybe you are wondering how to remove melted crayons from clothing? Maybe you or your child forgot to get the crayons out of clothes before they were washed and dried. Now, you have crayon stains on clothes belonging to everyone, not just your child. This type of crayon removal from clothes is more challenging, but can be done.

How To Get Crayon Out Of Clothes: Removing Stray Crayon Marks on Everyday Clothes

To remove crayon stains on clothes, spray the stain with WD40.

How To Remove Melted Crayons From Clothing

Obviously, it is always preferable to get crayons out of clothes pockets before you wash and dry them. However, if you forget, you can still clean crayon stains on clothes. Before you start cleaning crayons out of clothes, you need to clean the crayons out of your washer and dryer. Start by spraying any spots on the washer and dryer with WD40. After letting it sit for a few minutes, wipe the spots off with an old rag. Then run a load of old rags through the washer on hot water with a heavy detergent. While the load is washing, wipe the crayon and WD40 out of the dryer with an old cloth. Then dry the freshly washed rags in the dryer to remove the rest of the residue.

Now you work on the crayon stains on clothes. Start by using a butter knife to scrap any extra wax off the clothing. Then, treat with WD40 and allow it to set in. Then turn the garment over and spray it again. Next, wash the stain and WD40 out with either Dawn dish detergent or Ivory soap. Finally, launder the item as usual on the heavy wash cycle with the hottest water the garment will take.

Now the you know how to remove melted crayons from clothing, you will hopefully be able to forgive the little one who left them there, especially if that little one is you.

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