Cleaning Wool Rugs – How To Wash Wool Area Rug

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To be honest, I always wondered how to clean wool rugs before I actually had to do it. Cleaning wool rugs seemed a mysterious process fraught with danger. However, knowing how to wash wool area rugs has allowed me to purchase pretty beat up rugs cheaply and make them usable in my home. Overall, the day to day care of a wool rug is not that difficult, nor is it difficult to clean a wool area rug.

How To Clean Wool Rugs: Daily Care of a Wool Rug

Daily care of a wool rug consists of simply vacuuming it regularly, just as you would any carpet. To clean a wood area rug on which something has been spilled, blot up the spill immediately, being careful to blot not rub the spot. Continue to blot the stain until there is no more color on your toweling.

How To Wash Wool Area Rugs: Cleaning Wool Rugs Naturally

When cleaning wool rugs, consider how the sheep they came from get clean. That’s right: they stand out in the rain. Believe it or not, cleaning wool rugs outdoors is both quick and easy, if you cooperate with Mother Nature. Rain provides excellent care of a wool rug, so plan on cleaning wool rugs on a day when a storm is brewing. Before cleaning wool rugs, wash off an area outside such as a patio or driveway. Then spread the rug on the newly clean outdoor surface and spray it down with water. Then mix up a bucket of soapy water and wait for the storm to come. When the first drops begin to fall, run outside and dump the soapy water on the rug. Then go inside and wait for the rain to end.

When cleaning wool rugs outdoors, go outside after the storm and dry the rug with old toweling until it is mostly dry. Then move the rug to another clean part of the patio and let it finish drying. Don’t let it get too hot, though, or the rug can shrink.

When To Professionally Clean A Wool Area Rug

If the process above does not clean a wool area rug in your home, you can try a specially formulated wool carpet cleaner. If that doesn’t work, you should probably contact a professional experienced with cleaning wool rugs. Ask questions and make sure the person you contact knows how to clean wool rugs specifically, not just regular carpeting.

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