Cleaning Vertical Blinds – How To Clean Vertical Blinds

By: Mrs. Mathis

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Some people feel that cleaning vertical blinds is a job best left to professionals. However, I for one would rather use my money for something else, like a long vacation or a short trip to the mall. Anyway, cleaning vertical blinds is not difficult. All you need is a some basic information on vertical blind cleaning, which I will supply, and little hard work, which you can contribute. Before you know it you’ll be known for your vertical blind cleaning expertise.

How Do I Clean Vertical Blinds, Other Than Washing Them

So now that you’ve decided on cleaning vertical blinds yourself, you want to know the great secrets behind vertical blinds cleaning. Fortunately, there are no secrets. Just follow these ABCs.

A. Before cleaning vertical blinds, or anything else, check out the label. Are there any instructions or information on how to clean vertical blinds? If so, follow them.

B. Cleaning vertical blinds monthly by closing them and wiping them down with a dry cloth or a feather duster is a great preventative step.

C. Open and close them again so that the reverse side is toward you. Then repeat B.

D. Open the blinds normally and admire your hard work.

How Do I Clean Vertical Blinds That Are Too Dirty to Dust

You can wash vertical blinds should they become too dirty to dust.

A. When cleaning vertical blinds by washing them while they are still hanging, start by filling a small bucket with warm soapy water.

B. Close your blinds and wipe them down with the soapy water.

C. Rinse the blinds with another cloth dipped in clear water.

D. Open and close the blinds again so that the reverse side is toward you. Then repeat steps B and C.

Personally, I prefer to clean vertical blinds by taking them down from the windows and placing them in a tub of slightly soapy warm water. I then use my hand to move them gently back and forth to loosen any grime. After I let the water out of the tub, I rinse them with the shower head. Then I shake them gently to get off any dripping water and rehang them, open, to dry.

Not only does this make cleaning vertical blinds a snap, but it also works well on vinyl or any other non-porous blinds.

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