Removing Soot From Wall – How To Clean Soot Off Walls

By Mrs. Mathis

Before I explain to you how to clean soot from walls, you need to understand that this is typically a long, nasty job. Before you start cleaning fire soot from walls, you might want to check with your insurance company if the soot is from a house fire. If you are stuck cleaning soot off walls, I do have some tips. The most important thing to remember about removing soot from walls is to avoid touching the soot itself whenever possible. So now that you’ve read all my dire warnings, read on to learn how to clean soot off walls the easiest way possible.

How To Clean Soot From Walls

Begin cleaning fire soot from walls by vacuuming as much of the soot away as possible. Use the maximum suction vacuum you can and try to avoid letting the hose touch the actual soot. After you’ve gone over the wall with the plain hose, go over it again with the brush attachment, brushing the wall as lightly as possible so to loosen, but not smear, the soot.

After vacuuming, the next step is to clean any remaining soot with on the dough type cleaners sold for cleaning wallpaper. Just use it as directed on the package.

Finally, to remove all remaining soot and oily residue, wash the wall with a mild tri-sodium phosphate solution, sold under the name TSP. Be sure to wear gloves and work in a well-ventilated area.

If you don’t want to use TSP, you can also try as mixture of water and ivory soap or Dawn dish detergent.

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