Cleaning A Floor Mop – How To Wash A Mop

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Cleaning a floor mop is one of those jobs that you never think about doing until its too late. You will probably never even wonder how to clean a mop until you are looking a smelly, nasty mess. Hopefully you will wonder how to wash a mop before it gets to this sad state. The good news is that even if you aren’t this proactive, mop cleaning is still a relatively easy job, and by cleaning mops, you help them help you clean your floors.

How To Clean A Mop Part 1: Cleaning a Floor Mop Before Its Disgusting

The key to good mop cleaning is to clean it every time you finish using it. Cleaning mops is easy: simply rinse them thoroughly after every use. By cleaning a floor mop under hot running water until no trace of dirt remains and letting it hang dry completely before putting it away, you may never need to know how to wash a mop that’s nasty. However, if you’re on this site looking for information on cleaning mops that have already gotten gross, read on.

How To Clean A Mop Part 2: How To Wash A Mop That Has Mildewed

Cleaning a floor mop that is an old-fashioned, traditional type made of cotton string is much easier than cleaning mops made of sponge. Simply mix 2 gallons of hot water with 1 cup of bleach to create a mop cleaning solution. Soak the string mop in this solution for a few minutes and than rinse it well. Hang it out to dry and your mop cleaning chore is at an end.

Frankly, cleaning a floor mop that is made of sponge or some other modern substance may not be worth the trouble. Cleaning mops made of sponge is more complicated because strong cleaners like bleach can cause the sponge to deteriorate prematurely. Rather than waste your valuable time with such mop cleaning, you might be better off to just buy a new mop. In fact, cleaning mops has been made obsolete in many houses due to the introduction of disposable mop heads.

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