Washing Soot – Tips To Clean Soot

By Mrs. Mathis

If you are wondering how to remove soot from something, chances are that you’ve already have some sort of mishap that left you with a fine film of soot all over your room. While cleaning soot off anything is hard work, it can be done. You can clean soot off most anything if you just know how. Read on for my best advice for removing soot stains from furniture and washing soot out of clothes.

How To Remove Soot: Removing Soot Stains From Furniture

What you need to understand about cleaning soot is that it is oil based. Therefore you must clean soot off with a cleaner designed to remove grease. Two good options are Dawn dish detergent and Ivory soap. Begin by vacuuming up as much soot as possible. Be sure to work from the edge of the stain inward toward the middle to avoid spreading the stain.

Next, dampen a cloth with a little hot water and some Ivory soap. Or mix up a bowl of one quart hot water and a tablespoon of Dawn dish detergent. Dip the cloth in the solution and wring it out well.

Wipe the spot lightly, again working from the outside in. Change the part of the cloth you are using regularly and get a clean cloth a soon as necessary. When the spot is mostly gone, rinse the area well with a damp cloth in the same manner that you cleaned the spot.

How To Remove Soot: Washing Soot Out of Clothes

Send dry clean only clothes to the cleaners. Anything that can be machine washed can be put in a warm water wash with any detergent designed to cut grease. Wash only soot covered clothes together lest the soot get on anything else. If this doesn’t work, you can wash the clothes again with a little tri-sodium phosphate. Run everything through an extra rinse before placing them in the dryer.

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