How To Wash Your Cabbage Patch Doll

By: Mrs. Mathis

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If you are wondering how to clean Cabbage Patch dolls, I have a lot of information for you. Cleaning Cabbage Patch dolls is not difficult, but it can be somewhat time consuming so plan on taking care of the job on a day that you will be home, anyway.

How To Clean Cabbage Patch Dolls: Cleaning Cabbage Patch Dolls’ Faces

When cleaning Cabbage Patch dolls, start by giving their faces a good wash with a sponge and a lightly gritty cleanser that does not contain bleach. If you are cleaning Cabbage Patch dolls with any sort of permanent marker, treat the stain daily with any strong acne medication until the stain is gone. Please note that this method should not be used when cleaning Cabbage Patch dolls of color, as it can bleach out their skin.

When cleaning Cabbage Patch dolls with painted on features, take care not to scratch the eyebrows, etc., off.

How To Clean Cabbage Patch Dolls: Can You Wash Cabbage Patch Dolls?

For those of you wondering if can you wash Cabbage Patch dolls, the answer is yes, as long as the doll does not contain any sort of electrical or battery component.

How To Wash Your Cabbage Patch Doll

Wondering how to wash your Cabbage Patch doll in the machine? When cleaning Cabbage Patch dolls in the washer, start by removing all the dolls’ clothes. Then pre-treat any particularly nasty looking stains and place each doll, with its clothes, in a pillowcase and secure it closed. Continue cleaning Cabbage Patch dolls by placing one or two of them at a time in a washing machine (in their pillowcases) and washing them in hot water on the regular cycle. Cleaning Cabbage Patch dolls with regular detergent and fabric softener will make their hair easier to manage.

How To Clean Cabbage Patch Dolls With Serious Stains

If cleaning Cabbage Patch dolls in the wash still leaves them with some stains, try soaking the bodies of the dolls in a solution of Murphy’s Oil Soap and hot water for several hours. Then wash them again.

Can You Wash Cabbage Patch Dolls and Then Put Them In the Dryer?

Yes. In fact, after cleaning Cabbage Patch dolls by washing them, it is important that you do machine dry them to avoid water spots. Just leave the doll and clothes in the pillow case and dry on medium heat for about 30 minutes along with any other clothes you have that need drying. When cleaning Cabbage Patch dolls in this way it is important to remove them from the dryer while they are still a little damp, especially if they are the types of dolls with the “cornsilk” hair.

How To Wash A Cabbage Patch Doll: What About the Hair

After cleaning cabbage patch dolls, take a look at their hair and trim off any frays that have developed at the ends. If the doll has the cornsilk style hair that has become tangled, rub the hair with conditioner and wrap it in plastic wrap for at least 24 hours. Then remove the wrap and comb the hair out, starting at the bottom. Then rinse.

You can also re-curl the hair at this time by rolling it and letting it dry.

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