Tips For Cleaning Bunn Coffee Makers

By: Mrs. Phipps

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Learning how to clean a Bunn coffee maker is actually quite easy, even for first timers. While cleaning the coffee decanter and brew funnel after each use is important, along with wiping down the coffee maker, you should give the entire machine a periodic cleaning about every three months, depending on the mineral content of your water. This will help remove mineral deposits left from hard water that may build up over time.

So how do you know when cleaning a Bunn coffee maker becomes necessary? Generally, it will become a little more sluggish during brewing.

Cleaning a Bunn Coffee Maker

You don’t need any special Bunn coffee maker cleaner when cleaning buildup out of a Bunn coffee maker. In fact, other than water, all you need on hand is some white vinegar, which no home should be without. After wiping down the exterior, the decanter (coffeepot) and brew funnel can be washed either by hand or in the dishwasher.

When cleaning Bunn coffee makers, you’ll want to fill your clean decanter with equal parts of water and white vinegar. Pour this into the brewer (reservoir), replacing both the funnel and coffeepot in their designated locations and closing the lid to the brewer. Turn the machine on.

After the cycle completes, empty the coffeepot and allow the machine to sit for about an hour, unplugging it as well. Take out the empty funnel and set it aside. Then unscrew (with fingers) the spray head and clean it with a cloth and mild dish soap. Any clogs in the spray head can be easily removed with a toothpick, rinsing clean. Replace the spray head and funnel. Pour another pot of water only into the brewer and allow it to run through, repeating as necessary to remove the vinegar and make your Bunn coffee maker cleaner.

Plug the machine back up and allow it to reheat for about fifteen minutes or so and then run another pot of water through the brewing cycle, discarding the water afterwards. Turn it off and rinse out the coffeepot. When you’re ready for some freshly brewed coffee, you should now have a clean, smooth-running machine.

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