Using Baking Soda To Clean Coins

By Mrs. Mathis

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Before you start cleaning coins with baking soda, be aware that many coin collectors feel that you should never clean valuable collector coins at all.  They warn that making an old coin look like new can actually reduce its value rather than increase it.  However, many others feel that using baking soda to clean coins, especially silver ones, can be very effective.

Does baking soda make pennies shiny?  Not exactly, but it can improve their looks.  So, those of you who are wondering how baking soda cleans a penny will soon find out.

Cleaning Coins With Baking Soda

Cleaning coins with baking soda is surprisingly simple.  While you may not want to try this method on very old or very valuable coins, you can just dip your fingers in a little baking soda use them to rub the coin in question.   You will soon find that using baking soda to clean coins is both safe and effective.

If the baking soda alone does not produce good results, you can try mixing it with a little water.  Rinse the coins and repeat the process until all the tarnish is gone.  You will find that using baking soda to clean coins made of silver will be more effective than cleaning copper coins.

Does Baking Soda Make Pennies Shiny?

If you are wondering how does baking soda clean a penny, the answer is, unfortunately, not very well.  It will remove some discoloration, but will not make an old penny look brand new.  If you want to improve a copper coin, try soaking it overnight in a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water instead.

However, I must warn you again that this method may not be completely safe and should only be used on coins that can handle a little rough treatment.  It can ruin the value of collectible coins.

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    This is what I always do and it comes out amazing I use the one with the shampoo

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