Tips On How To Clean Artificial Flowers And Plants

By: Mrs. Phipps

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In spite of their natural-looking appearance, artificial plants can begin to look unattractive as they continue to sit around and collect dust. Therefore, cleaning artificial plants every other month or two will help keep them looking their best. The best way to clean artificial flowers and foliage plants really depends on what they’re made from (silk, plastic, and occasionally paper) and personal preference.

How Do I Wash Artificial Flowers?

If you’re looking for information on how to clean artificial plants, then you’ll probably find lots, depending on the type you have. It’s important to note, however, that you may need to try different methods until you find one that works for you and your particular situation.

Cleaning Artificial Plants with Water

While you should always wipe down your artificial plants with a soft rag or feather duster on a regular basis, you can also clean them every few months with water.

Water works especially well for plastic plants. To use it on other types, however, it’s a good idea to pretest their reaction. You can do this by taking one of the leaves or flowers off and rinsing it under water, lightly rubbing it. As long as it doesn’t bleed or fray, it should be okay to wash the entire plant. Make sure to take them out of any metal containers prior to washing. All other containers should be fine. You can rinse them in the sink (good for small plants, only a few, or those that are particularly dirty), put them in the shower, or gently hose them down outdoors (on light setting). Soaking in saltwater may also help with more difficult stain removal.

Gently rub the plants while washing and then give them a light shake to remove excess water before allowing them to air dry.

Best Way to Clean Artificial Flowers without Water

If you’re not too certain about using water to clean your artificial plants, you can stick with drier cleaning methods. This, of course, includes feather dusting or the use of a soft cloth. These methods work well for all types of artificial plants.

Another method also includes using air, which works rather well on both silk and paper plants. Simply get a can of compressed air from your local electronics store and spray down the plants, blowing off the dust.

Other people swear by the paper bag method, dropping the plants in a paper bag with a cup or so of salt and then gently shaking the dust away.

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