Fabric Care For Velveteen: How To Wash Velveteen

By: Mrs. Mathis

Many people wonder how to properly care for velveteen clothing. This is not surprising, since knowing how to wash velveteen can save you both time and money. The best way to clean velveteen may be dry cleaning, but washing velveteen is also sometimes an option. The bottom line is that fabric care for velveteen is well worth the effort.

Fabric Care for Velveteen

Care for velveteen begins with prevention. Try to avoid getting it dirty in the first place. Consider wearing dress shields to protect it from perspiration so that you do not have to wash as often. The best way to clean velveteen that has become soiled is to allow any muddy type of stain to dry completely. Then brush it off with a stiff brush.

Care For Velveteen That Has Become Wet or Stained

The best way to clean velveteen that has become wet is by carefully blotting as much of the liquid out of the garment as possible. Blot, do not rub, since rubbing can damage the fabric and remove color.

When you have blotted as much of the stain out as possible, apply a small amount of water to dilute a stain and blot with a white towel until no more of the stain shows on your blotting towel. Continue to blot with a dry towel until you has removed as much moisture as possible.

Fabric Care for Velveteen With a Oil Stain

The best way to clean velveteen with a oil stain is to thoroughly cover any greasy stain with cornstarch. Pat the cornstarch gently into the nap of the fabric and allow this to remain in place for about five minutes and then gently brush it off. Repeat as necessary.

How To Wash Velveteen

Washing velveteen seems scary, but you can do it if you are careful. Washing velveteen involves simply soaking the item in a sink full of slightly warm soap water. Then, drain the sink and press the garment gently to push out the soapy water. Fill the sink with clean water, press the garment gently to rinse, and repeat from step 2 again and again until there is no soap left.

How To Care For Velveteen That Has Just Been Washed

After washing velveteen, press the garment gently to remove as much water as possible and then lay it flat to dry. If you do not have a flat drying rack, lay it on a towel of a similar color. After the first hour, turn it over onto another towel.

When the garment is dry, brush it gently with a soft brush to restore the nap. Now you can wear or use your beautifully restored velveteen item with pride.

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