How Do You Clean An Electric Blanket – Tips For Cleaning Electric Blankets

By: Mrs. Mathis

Many people wonder how to wash an electric blanket. In fact, “Can you wash an electric blanket?” is a very common question asked by consumers each year. This is not surprising since, while you obviously need to be able to clean an electric blanket, it also seems dangerous to mix water and electrical wiring.

The good news is that cleaning electric blankets is not only possible, it is also relativity easy. In fact, cleaning electric blankets is very much like you clean a regular blanket, with a few minor exceptions. But just like most things in life, read the instructions, in the form of the manufacturer’s label, to learn how to wash your electric blanket.

When To Clean An Electric Blanket

The best time to clean an electric blanket is at the end of the winter, especially if you are going to store it through the summer. A clean electric blanket is less likely to attract insects or vermin that might damage the cords than one that is dirty. Of course, you can wash an electric blanket anytime it is dirty. It’s just better to clean an electric blanket before putting it in storage.

How To Wash An Electric Blanket

In general, modern electric blankets can be washed. Use the gentle cycle and place the clean electric blanket in a warm, not hot, dryer unless warned not to by the instructions.

To be perfectly safe, take a few minutes before and after cleaning an electric blanket to inspect the wiring for any frays or breaks.

How Not To Clean An Electric Blanket

  • Never dry clean an electric blanket. The chemical in the cleaning fluid can melt the insulation around the wires.
  • Clean your electric blanket by itself. Do not place anything else in the washer or dryer.
  • Do not dry a clean electric blanket in a commercial dryer unless you make sure the heat setting is on low. The heat from the dryer can damage the cords.

Congratulations! Now when someone asks you, “How do you clean an electric blanket?” you can tell them what to (and what not to) do.

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