The Best Way To Wash Bras

I was recently reminded of how important it is to know how to clean a bra properly when my teenage daughter put one of her flimsy new ones in the regularly wash, ruining it forever. It never occurred to me until then that I had not taught her how to wash bras or that the best way to wash bras is generally by hand. I’ve been hand washing bras so long by habit that I just forgot that not everyone knows to do that. So read on for information on how to hand wash a bra, and why it is so important to do so.

Why The Best Way To Wash Bras Is By Hand

Bras are both expensive and delicate, especially those for the younger and daintier set. However, even my Brunhilde heavy duty models are pretty fragile in places. That’s why washing bras by hand is so important
Also, even if you do hand wash a bra, it is better to do it no more often than necessary. The way to avoid having to wash your bra is to hang it up each evening on a peg or rack to air out over night. This works especially well during the winter when you don’t perspire as much.

One easy way to hand wash a bra is to fill your bathroom sink with barely warm water and add a little of whatever body wash you use. Drop the bra in, swish it around a little and leave it there while you take a shower. Then rinse the bra well, pat it dry with a towel, and hang it on a towel hook to dry.

How To Clean A Bra The Easy Way

As far as I am concerned, the best way to wash bras is in the shower with you. Just take it off, wet it, lather it up like you would your own body, rinse it well and hang it over the shower rod to dry.

If you feel that you will never have time to hand wash a bra, you can wash it in the machine in a lingerie bar that you can purchase from any department store. However, never, ever, put a bra in the dryer unless you never plan to wear it again.

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