Washing Merino Wool – How To Clean Merino Wool

By: Mrs. Mathis

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If you are wondering how to clean merino wool, you’ve come to the right place. Good merino care is important because washing merino wool incorrectly can cause it to shrink or other wise be damaged. Still, if you are wondering how to wash merino wool, you should know that not only is merino wool washing is possible, it is actually preferable to dry cleaning.

How To Clean Merino Wool Question 1: Can You Machine Wash Merino Wool

The answer to this question about merino wool washing, like most questions in the world, is “it depends.” While hand washing is the gold standard of merino wool care, washing merino wool that is not of a particularly fine quality in the machine is possible. Use your gentlest cycle and mildest detergent that claims to be suitable for merino wool care. Allow whatever items you wash to air dry. Never, ever follow a merino wool washing with machine drying or you will end up with a tiny copy of your original garment.

How To Clean Merino Wool Question 2: How To Wash Merino Wool By Hand

Washing merino wool by hand is neither difficult nor time consuming. Simply fill a sink with tepid water and a very mild detergent, preferably one designed for merino wool care. Lower the garment into the water and agitate it very gently with your hand for a few minutes. Then drain the water out of the sink and rinse the garment with cool water until all the soap is gone.

After washing merino wool, it is very important that you do not twist or ring it in any way to remove the excess water. Instead, press it gently but firm down while it is still in the sink. When no more water runs out of it, pick it up and gently squeeze the rest of the water out. Then dry it flat. This type of careful merino wool care will keep your garment looking good for many years.

How To Clean Merino Wool Question 3: How To Clean Merino Wool By Dry Cleaning

While it is true that most merino wool care labels allow for dry cleaning, this option should be used as rarely as possible. Washing merino wool by hand is not only less expensive but it keeps the harsh chemicals used in dry cleaning from damaging the garment.

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