Washing Wool Blankets: How To Clean A Wool Blanket

By: Mrs. Mathis

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If you wonder how to clean a wool blanket, you are not alone. Many homemakers find the concept of cleaning wool blankets to be more than a little intimidating. For instance, you might wonder how to wash a wool blanket, or can it even be washed? You may have heard that washing wool blankets causes them to shrink and that the only way to properly care for a wool blanket is to have it dry clean.

Well, never fear. I will be addressing all these concerns in this article.

Regular Care For A Wool Blanket: How To Clean a Wool Blanket

The best answer to how to clean a wool blanket is, hopefully, not very often. To avoid cleaning wool blankets at all, place them on a bed between the sheet and the comforter so the rarely come in contact with anything that might soil them, such as dust or body oils.

When you wash your other linens, instead of washing wool blankets, let them air outside by laying them across a porch banister or two clothes lines. Finish cleaning wool blankets by shaking them well before remaking the bed.

Occasional Care For A Wool Blanket: How To Wash a Wool Blanket

Washing wool blankets is not that difficult. Simply fill a tub with cool (never hot) water and a little detergent. Lower the blanket into the water and let it soak for up to 30 minutes. Then gently swish the blanket around to remove any remaining soil. Let the water out of the tub and press the blanket to remove any extra moisture.

Finish washing wool blankets by turning the shower on cool and allowing it to rinse the blanket until all the subs are gone. Press the blanket again to remove as much water as possible. Do not wring! Leave the blanket in the tub for 30 minutes, then return and press it again to remove more water. Repeat this step once more and then dry the blanket by rolling it between two towels. Let it dry flat in a cool, breezy area.

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