Cleaning Suede Boots: How To Clean Suede Leather Boots

By: Mrs. Mathis

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If you are wondering how to clean suede boots, you are not alone. While we all love wearing them, cleaning suede boots is a different story entirely. In fact, caring for suede boots in general can be intimidating if you don’t know what you are doing. For instance, can you use regular boot cleaner or do you need special suede boot cleaner to clean them?

Caring For Suede Boots

Fortunately, caring for suede boots is not that much different than caring for any other types of footwear. Cleaning suede boots with a soft brush after every wear will save you both time and money in the long run.

How To Clean Suede Leather Boots Without Commercial Cleaners

Trying cleaning suede boots with any oil based spot by covering the spot with baby powder, letting it sit a minute, and then brushing it off. You may have to repeat this a few times but it should work.

A new pencil eraser also makes a great suede boot cleaner. You can use it to erase any sort of non-oil based mark. Just work as gently as possible to make sure you don’t damage the nap of the suede.

Cleaning Suede Boots With Suede Boot Cleaner

When cleaning suede boots, it is important that you remember that anything you put on them, even cleaners, may alter the color slightly. That’s why I recommend that, instead of spot cleaning suede boots, you cover the entire boot with the cleaning solution. That way, even if the color changes slightly, you probably won’t even notice.

If you try using a pencil eraser for cleaning suede boots and that doesn’t work, you can always purchase an eraser designed especially for cleaning suede boots. These are usually available at shoe repair shops.

Cleaning Salt Stains From Suede Boots

When cleaning salt stains from suede boots, you can try either of the above mentioned methods. You can also try raising the nap on the boot with a special suede brush. If none of these ideas work, you may want to consult a professional who specializes in caring for suede boots.

Hopefully this information on how to clean suede leather boots will allow you to enjoy your high end purchase for many years to come.

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    This is what I do to my suede and it comes out perfect

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