Cleaning Rayon – How To Wash Rayon Fabric

By Mrs. Mathis

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Many people wonder how to wash rayon fabric. That’s because washing rayon is one of those jobs that everyone has to do but few understand. While many items come with special care instructions for rayon or rayon blend fabrics, cleaning rayon can still be tricky. That’s why hand washing rayon is usually best, although other methods may work.

Can Rayon Be Hand Washed?

Yes, in general hand washing rayon is a good idea and certainly a better option than machine washing. The exception would be when an item is labeled dry clean only.

How To Wash Rayon Fabric

If your item includes care instructions for rayon, read and follow them. If not, you can try washing rayon by hand. To do so, fill a sink with cool water and a little mild detergent. Then, gently lower the garment into the water and swish it slowly around. Remember that water significantly weakens the rayon fibers and treat the item very gently while it is wet. Rather than lifting it out of the sink let the water drain out and spray the item with clear water to rinse it. If you do not have a spray attachment, fill a cup and pour the water over the item to get water to different areas rather than moving the item around under the water.

After the item is rinsed, leave it sitting in the sink for a few hours, preferably with a fan blowing on it. Then move the still damp item to a flat drying rack, spreading it out gently so that it keeps its shape. Allow the item to remain in this position until it is completely dry.

Dry Cleaning Rayon

If you have just a small grease spot on a rayon item, you can try to remove it by sprinkling the spot with baby or talcum powder and then gently brushing it away. If this works, it will save you the trouble of washing the item and the item the trauma of being washed.

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