Cleaning Faux Fur Blanket – How To Wash A Fake Fur Blanket

By: Mrs. Mathis

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Even the most innocent night of romance can leave a woman wondering how to clean a faux fur blanket. I know, it’s not very romantic, but knowing how to wash a fake fur blanket will leave you more relaxed about taking it out for a midnight picnic.

Let’s face it. While clean fake fur blankets are very sexy, dirty ones are just disgusting. Thus, knowledge of fake fur blanket care could open up a whole new world of exotic pleasures to you and your partner. Who would have thought that fake fur blanket care could save a relationship?

How To Clean Faux Fur Blanket: What About Dry Cleaning?

The first thing you need to know about cleaning faux fur blankets is that dry cleaning is usually best. Because this can be an expensive option, take time to shop around for the best price and consider if you really want to bother learning how to wash a fake fur blanket.

How To Wash a Fake Fur Blanket

1. If you decide that cleaning a faux fur blanket is the way you want to go, wash it in a top loading washing machine.

2. Before cleaning faux fur blanket, adjust the machine to fill to the medium level with cool water before adding the blanket.

3. Turn off the machine and add a mild detergent and the blanket.

4. Allow the blanket to soak for no more than 15 minutes for safe fake fur blanket care.

5. Set the machine to the drain and spin cycle, close the lid and turn it on to clean fake fur blankets well.

6. Set the machine for a large load and allow it to fill to that level but stop it before it agitates.

7. Repeat the drain, spin and rinse process three more times to complete cleaning faux fur blanket.

8. Spin one more time to remove excess water.

9. Dry the blanket outside by hanging it over two or three parallel clotheslines.

10. Comb out the fur of your clean fake fur blankets.

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