Cleaning Calphalon Cookware – Best Way To Clean Calphalon

By: Mrs. Mathis

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Oh, your beautiful new pots and pan have you oohing and aahing and wondering how to clean Calphalon. Cleaning Calphalon cookware is a new experience for many of us. We remember what has happened to pots we have not cared for in the past and promise ourselves that we will not rest until we have found the gold standard in Calphalon cookware care.

Questions About Calphalon Cookware Care

Still, we have questions. In addition to wondering how to clean Calphalon, we wonder if we need special Calphalon cleaner? Also, when cleaning Calphalon cookware, is it OK to use harsh abrasives? Finally, what is ultimately the best way to clean Calphalon?

Answers On How To Clean Calphalon

Fortunately, the best way to clean Calphalon is also the most traditional. In other words, cleaning Calphalon cookware is really not different from cleaning regular cookware. Contrary to what you may think, there is not even such a thing as a special Calphalon cleaner.

The makers recommend regular old Dawn liquid dish washing detergent and a sponge. If you prefer, you can use a soft bristle brush instead of a sponge as a Calphalon cleaner. But do not use abrasives for cleaning Calphalon cookware, as they can leave permanent scratches.

Cleaning Calphalon Cookware

Begin cleaning Calphalon cookware by rinsing it thoroughly with hot water. Then add a little dish washing detergent and agitate the surface with a nylon sponge or soft bristled brush to remove any stuck on food particles. Then rinse the pan with hot water. This is all you need to do for basic Calphalon cookware care.

Cleaning Calphalon cookware in the dishwasher is not recommended, but is safe if the nonstick pan has an stainless exterior. Just remember that washing in the dishwasher is not the best way to clean Calphalon.

So, now that you know how to clean Calphalon, you know what you have to do, right? Go cook something, like maybe a multi-course meal that you can bring over to my house. While cooking may be a challenge, cleaning Calphalon cookware is definitely not.

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  1. Kathy on February 28, 2011 at 10:30 am

    Don’t wash your Calphalon with a brillo pad or something like that. It will scratch the non-stick surface and ruin it.

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