Steps To Sweep A Floor – Learn How To Sweep A Floor

By: Mrs. Mathis

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Sweeping floors is one of the oldest forms of housework. Girls were expected to learn how to sweep a floor of marble in ancient Egypt, wood in colonial America and hard packed dirt on the prairie. Knowing how to sweep a room was, in fact, one of the earliest expectations for female children throughout history. Today, both boys and girls, men and women need to know the steps to sweep a floor. While this is not rocket science, I offer the following instructions on the best way to sweep floors.

How To Sweep a Room So That The Floor Is Always Clean

Set aside time each day for sweeping floors in regularly use rooms of your home.

Use the largest sized broom suitable for sweeping floors in each room. This could be narrow broom in a powder room or a shop style broom

Learn how to sweep a floor in such a way that you only sweep the part that needs sweeping. That means that you only sweep high traffic areas daily.

Once a month, move light weight furniture so that you can sweep you entire floor. If you have pets or live in the country near dirt roads or driveways, you will have to do this more often.

How To Sweep A Room: Steps To Sweep A Floor Correctly

1. Start in the corner furthest from the door.

2. Stand about three feet from the wall and reach toward the wall with the bottom of your broom.

3. Lower the broom to the floor and pull it toward you.

4. Move the broom to the next section of wall, and pull it toward you again, dragging the broom along the floor so that it picks up all the dust, dirt, etc.

5. Use the broom to pull the little pile you swept up first to your new pile, making one little pile of dirt.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 across the wall, avoiding anywhere where there is furniture.

7. When you get to the other wall, take a large step back, making sure that you don’t trip on anything behind you.

8. Now work your way back across the room, dragging your broom along a small space just as you did before.

9. Continue gathering dirt into a larger and larger pile as you go.

10. When you have finished the room, sweep the dirt into a dust pan and dump it in the garbage.

11. Continue sweeping floors until you have finished your house.

The Best Way To Sweep Floors Under Furniture

If you can move the furniture easily, just drag it out of the way but keep it as close to you as possible. Sweep the area as described above and put all furniture back after your done sweeping floors.

If you cannot move the furniture easily, the best way to sweep floors under furniture is to bend down and reach under them with your broom to drag out any dirt.

If your broom is too large to go under the furniture, than so are the eyes of your neighbors. Just clean under things like stoves and refrigerators when you have to drag them out for some other reason.

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