Best Way To Dust – How To Control Dust In Your House

By: Mrs. Mathis

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If you ask, you will find that everyone you talk to has an opinion about how to dust your house. In fact, how to control dust in your house may be one of the most ongoing questions in your housekeeping life. While there may not be one best way to dust, there are a number of dusting tips that can make the job easier.

How To Control Dust In Your House By Keeping It Out

Before I tell you how to dust your house, let’s talk about how to control dust in your house in the first place. Of all the dusting tips I can offer, the best one is to put down some serious, professional grade mats at all the doors leading into your home. These mats are designed to keep dirt and dust out your house so you can dust less often. Another easy way to dust by keeping the dust out is to make sure all your windows and doorways have good, tight insulation around all openings.

How To Dust Your House

The best way to dust, in my opinion, is with an old fashioned dust cloth that has been lightly sprayed with any kind of dusting spray you prefer. An easy way to dust like this is to start as high as you can reach and work your way down, wiping every horizontal surface you come to. Continue wiping as low as you can readily reach. This leaves only the floor. The best way to dust a floor is with a dust mop treated with the same spray you used on the dust cloth.

Another Easy Way To Dust

Another easy way to dust is with a microfiber or feather duster. Many dusting tips involve using one of these on daily basis. While some claim this is an easy way to dust, others feel that these only stir up dust without removing it. However, this is still an easy way to dust and will allow you to dust mop the remaining dust off the floor.

A Few Final Dusting Tips

  • Check surfaces for dust before you begin dusting. If they are not dusty, don’t dust.
  • The best way to dust is with as little spray as possible. However, using a little spray often makes for an easy way to dust.
  • Dust more often lightly rather than less often. This is an easy way to dust when compared to heavily scrubbing a thick layer of grime.

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  1. Kathy on March 6, 2011 at 9:47 am

    I like dusting with socks. You put one over your hand and then you can get into the nooks and crannies better.

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