Cleaning Marble Tile – Tips For Marble Tile Cleaning

BY: Mrs. Mathis

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When cleaning marble tile, it is important to remember to avoid using chemicals that might damage the finish. Good marble tile care is more about dedication than strength. In fact, the best marble tile cleaner is already in your kitchen right now. So read on to learn more about how to clean marble tile using natural marble tile cleaning techniques.

Basic Marble Tile Care: Cleaning Marble Tile Daily

If you want to avoid heavy duty marble tile cleaning, plan to sweep your marble floor well every day. This will prevent sand from building up and being ground into its surface. Believe me, you really do not want to have to deal with scratched marble.

You should also mop your marble tile floor at least twice a week with clear water. If the tile is in the bathroom, always be on the lookout for water or soap spots and wipe them with a damp cloth as soon as you see them. You may even want to consider changing your soap and hair care products to the mildest types possible.

No matter what you use, you should always rinse all bathroom surfaces well and wipe them dry at least once a day, but preferably after each use.

How To Clean Marble Tile With Purchased Marble Tile Cleaner

If your tile fails to respond to the method I described above, there are many marble tile cleaners available on the market. Try to purchase one that is naturally based or, at the very least, as mild as possible.

Remember that marble is a natural substance and you want to avoid using any harsh chemicals that might damage its delicate surface. Follow the directions on the package carefully and wear gloves if your hands are going to come in contact with the cleaner.

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  1. Lilly on March 5, 2012 at 2:40 pm

    I just looked up marble tile to clean, use ammonia and warm water in a spray bottle leave on few minutes and wipe off with a micro cloth and buff dry, U should seal marble when it’s clean and this will help with the soap and hard water, also always dry your shower when done. Good Luck

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