Tips For How To Clean A Shower Curtain Liner

By: Mrs. Mathis

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I remember well wondering, “Now how do I wash a vinyl shower curtain liner?” I had never considered washing a shower curtain liner before because I only used cheap plastic ones. However, even knowing how to wash a plastic shower curtain liner comes in handy when you are on a budget. So say goodbye to nasty mildew forever and learn today how to clean a shower curtain liner, no matter what it is made of. Let’s take a look at how to wash a shower curtain liner.

How To Clean A Shower Curtain Liner

The easiest way to clean a shower curtain liner is a little at a time. It you take a minute after each shower to check the edge and the hem for signs of soil or mildew, you can avoid washing a shower curtain liner altogether. Keep a roll of paper towels in each bathroom and give any spots you spot a quick wipe before you leave the room.

Washing a Shower Curtain Liner the Easy Way

If you need to clean a shower curtain liner that has gone a bit past the swipe and wipe stage, try this trick. Fill your tub with hot water and add a cup of ammonia. Then simply lower the curtain rod until the curtain is mostly under water. Soak overnight. The next morning, move the rod back into place and run the shower to rinse both the curtain and the tub. Then let the curtain dry as usual. The ammonia will kill the mildew and allow you wipe off any residual spots with a paper towel.

Machine Washing a Shower Curtain Liner

If your curtain is not hanging over a tub, then washing the shower curtain liner will be a little bit more complicated. Take it down and remove the hooks. Then clean the shower curtain liner in the washing machine with two dirty towels. Make sure you wash on the gentle cycle and remove the liner as soon as possible, Hang it to dry as described above.

To avoid having to wash your plastic shower curtain liner in the future, be sure to always draw the curtain across the shower opening after each shower. Also, while you should shower with it inside the tub, allow it to dry outside the tub. Leaving the light and vent on in the bathroom also helps keep a clean shower curtain liner clean.

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