Cleaning Lime Scale In Toilet – How To Remove Lime Scale From Toilet

By: Mrs. Mathis

Cleaning lime scale in a toilet is a problem for many homeowners. Knowing how to get rid of white lime stain from toilet can save you both time and money. First, understand that lime deposits in toilets form when hard water sits in a toilet without being flushed. So frequent flushing is one way to clean toilet lime. I promise it is easier to flush than to clean lime from a toilet. So read on to learn how to remove lime scale from a toilet.

Step One, Clean Toilet Lime By Preventing It

In addition to regular flushing, you can also prevent scale build up by brushing your toilet briefly with a toilet bowl brush once a day. This may sound extreme, but if you do this every morning as soon as you finish your shower, you will find that it becomes a habit. This is a quick and easy way to never have to spend time seriously cleaning lime from a toilet again.

Step Two, Remove Lime Scale From Toilets Naturally

To remove lime scale from a toilet naturally, use a toilet brush or a plunger to push the water from the bowl.

Then fill the bowl with a mixture of equal parts water and white vinegar and let it sit for as long as possible.

Finally, scrub the bowl well to remove the rest of the lime. Flush and you’re done.

Step Three: Cleaning Lime From Toilet Using A Purchased Cleanser

If the plan described above doesn’t clean toilet lime, you can try one of the cleaners specially formulated to remove lime deposits in toilets. These are typically very acidic and can be slightly corrosive. Just use the product according to the directions included and be careful to rinse the toilet well afterward.

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  1. Johanna Lundstrom on October 3, 2011 at 8:08 am

    If you don’t want to use white vinegar to remove lime scale, I have a tip about another lime scale remover that really works. The brand is called Kilrock. I usually buy it at Robert Dyas but you can buy it online on Amazon as well. If you, like I did, have a WC/ loo with heavy lime scale under the water in the bowl or bend, this will remove ALL of it. Just leave overnight. I wasted a lot of money on various supposedly lime scale removing fizzy tablets that I bought in the supermarket before I finally tried this product that really works. Apart from the general de-scaler for WCs, shower heads, kettles etc, they also do a spray and a gel. Good luck and all the best!
    Johanna Lundstrom

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