Tips For The Best Way To Clean A Fiberglass Shower

By: Mrs. Mathis

Cleaning fiberglass showers is one of those jobs that is best done quickly and often rather that rarely and intensely. That’s because cleaning a stained fiberglass shower is a tedious and tiresome task. Cleaning a fiberglass shower need not be difficult. Read on to learn how to clean a fiberglass shower stall and the best way to clean a fiberglass shower.

The Best Way To Clean A Fiberglass Shower

In my opinion, the best way to clean fiberglass shower is with white vinegar. Simply pour it into a spray bottle and use it every time you are cleaning fiberglass showers in your home. Make sure you have a vent on and a window at least slightly open so that the smell will not be too strong.

Cleaning Fiberglass Shower Surround Daily

If your shower is not particularly dirty to begin with, you can keep it clean with any of the products designed for cleaning fiberglass showers on a daily basis. Just use the product as directed and you may never have to face cleaning fiberglass shower surrounds again.

If you prefer to make your own daily cleaner, pour one cup of white vinegar into an empty spray bottle and fill it with water.

Cleaning A Stained Fiberglass Shower

When cleaning a stained fiberglass shower, plan to start cleaning right after your shower. That way, the scum has already been somewhat loosened by the hot water and steam. Spray the entire shower with white vinegar and wait five minutes while it works. Then spray a small area again and, using a plastic brush or scrubby sponge, scrub the scum away.

If this method does not work, you can try a mild abrasive. Just be sure to use one that says it is safe for cleaning fiberglass showers and follow the directions well.

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