Cleaning Calcium From A Shower – How To Remove Calcium Buildup From A Shower

By: Mrs. Mathis

Many people are asking how do you remove calcium from a shower. That’s because cleaning calcium from a shower is one of the most daunting tasks facing modern homeowners. However, cleaning calcium deposits in the shower need not fill you with dread.

All you need are a few tips on removing calcium from shower walls and floors. So read on to learn how to remove calcium buildup from a shower.

Focus On Removing Calcium From Shower Stalls Everyday

The easiest answer to the question on how to remove calcium build up from a shower is to keep the shower so clean that it doesn’t build up in the first place. Try spraying the stall each day with a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water. Or, if you prefer, you can purchase a product for removing calcium from shower stalls by daily use.

Try Cleaning Calcium Deposits In The Shower Naturally

If you are dealing with pre-existing calcium deposits, try spraying the area with pure white vinegar. Let the spray sit on the shower for a few minutes and then scrub the calcium off with a nylon scrubby. Open a window or turn on the vent to fight the vinegar odor and rinse the stall well when you are done.

Use Products Specially Formulated For Cleaning Calcium From Shower Stalls

If the natural products I described above fail to work, and you are still wondering how to remove calcium buildup from a shower, you may have to fork out a few bucks for a product that was designed for cleaning calcium from shower stalls, toilets and other bathroom surfaces. One of the most popular of these products removes Calcium, Lime and Rust.

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